Relationships are
the source of

Working with leaders to build cultures of connection

Our Mission

We work with leaders to drive results by building cultures of connection. 

We do this through ongoing programmes and workshops.

Our proactive, group-based approach teaches people to listen well and connects them meaningfully with others, strengthening relationships, engagement and wellbeing. 

Our Impact

Business leaders are frustrated with initiatives that don’t lead to results or sustain impact over time. WITHIN is different.

Improves connection & belonging

"The programme strengthens the social fabric of an organisation. If you're looking for real growth & development for your people and your culture, then it's absolutely worth the investment."

Chief of Staff, Marketing Services Agency

Improves and sustains wellbeing

Participants report significant positive changes in wellbeing (measured on the WHO5 wellbeing scale). Average increases in wellbeing scores are large and well maintained even after six months.

Improves employee engagement

A recent programme for 20 agency leaders led to +15% improvement on ‘proud to work here’ and +14% on ‘leadership take people’s wellbeing and mental health seriously’

Our Clients

"I felt connected to others at work in a way I haven't in my ten years at this company. I love how we quickly established a container that allowed me to be me and others to be themselves. I learned, I grew, I connected. The programme offered me a truly meaningful sense of connection to colleagues that I have never experienced before.”

VP, C Space

Our Approach

Our programmes work because they combine learning, practice and relationship building




"I have 'learned to listen' several times but these techniques feel more effective by illustrating all of what you would otherwise have missed by the usual interventions. 

I’m left feeling that I know these people better than I otherwise would. The power of the exercises? To cause reflection about the richness of connection I have missed out on over the years by ‘fixing’ or ‘hijacking’. I look at the techniques we learned as keys to getting really close to people quickly.”

Innovation Director, Harley Davidson

How WITHIN compares to other approaches

"It's been 20 months since I took part, and I am still meeting with my small group on a weekly basis. The 30 minutes a week has helped me navigate challenging times in my personal and professional life."

Jessie Stettin, Chief of Staff, C Space

Our News

Mental Health & Wellbeing Awards

Our partner, Talk For Health was just announced the winner for ‘Best Long Term Impact’ at the 2022 Mental Health & Wellbeing Awards. This category celebrates mental health and wellbeing interventions that evidence a positive impact over at least 5 years.

Case Study
Building connection in a hybrid workspace


What we did


The programme made me feel safe, heard, and valued at my workplace. It has been the most impactful career development tool. I am proud my organization provided this opportunity and gave us the tools to bring our whole selves to work.”

Olivia Verheyen, Senior Consultant

"I loved how simple it was to participate, try out the new techniques, and how immediate the impact was!"

Organisation Design Partner, Aviva 

Our Team

As business leaders, we have first-hand experience of building and transforming organisations.

As senior execs in our last firm, we commissioned a mental health and connection programme that really made a difference. Wellbeing improved. Engagement increased. Participants felt more connected with colleagues than they’d ever felt before.

Experiencing the power of an approach that really worked, that really tackled underlying issues and strengthened our culture, inspired us to take on this mission full-time. That’s why we founded WITHIN. 

Felix Koch
Co-Founder & Managing Partner of WITHIN

Felix had a varied and rewarding career at C Space, from rapidly scaling a new subscription offer and successfully managing the business post-acquisition by Omnicom to heading up the EMEA & APAC regions. Felix's strong focus on clients saw him deliver pioneering insight and innovation programmes for the likes of Google, Samsung, British Airways, IKEA and Jaguar Land Rover. Together with Phil, Felix led EMEA as Joint MDs. During that time they won Best Agency and Best Place to Work and were listed as one of Management Today’s Top Male Agents for Change for championing gender equity in business. 

Phil Burgess
Co-Founder & Managing Partner of WITHIN

After several years running C Space’s London office with Felix, Phil spent four years in Boston as C Space’s Chief People Officer where he oversaw Learning & Development, Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. He and his team were proud winners of Learning Team of the Year at the 2020 Learning Awards. Phil is regularly asked to contribute to podcasts, webinars and books on leadership and culture-building and is passionate about helping businesses to create psychologically safe workplaces where people can thrive. 

Nicky Forsythe, MBACP
Co-Founder of WITHIN
CEO of Talk for Health

Nicky is an accredited Psychotherapist, researcher and innovator in mental health. She developed the Talk for Health programme in 2008 having witnessed mental distress in her own family, driven by the vision of making mental health support as accessible as tap water. Talk For Health has supported 1,000+ people in local communities. Nicky is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Woman of the Year Alumna and a Fellow of the Zinc Mental Health Venture Builder. She is a Lead Facilitator and Trainer at Talk For Health and oversees all community programmes as well as “Train the Trainer” courses.

Phil Burgess
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
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Felix Koch
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
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